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Misconceptions About Teeth Whiteningmisconceptions about teeth whitening

One of the first things that people notice about others is their smile. A bright, white smile makes a person appear youthful and healthy, so it is no wonder that we often perform tooth whitening procedures for our patients in Upper East Side Manhattan. However, there are many misconceptions about teeth whitening that may stop you from scheduling your appointment today.

Misconception: Teeth whitening will give you sensitive teeth.

In fact, teeth whitening products have no effect on anything inside your teeth, gums, or roots, so there is no way for the products to damage the nerves (and thus, create or add to sensitivity).

Misconception: Over the counter products are just as good.

Professional cosmetic dentistry chemicals are not like the white strips you can buy at the pharmacy. Tooth whitening is much more effective with the right materials and training. However, that is not to say that over the counter products do not work at all. With persistence, these products can produce a result.

Misconception: Teeth whitening will give you red carpet worthy teeth.

Unfortunately, you cannot go from yellowed or dull teeth to dazzling white in just one visit. It takes time, and lifestyle changes on your part, for your teeth to be as white as celebrity smiles.

Misconception: Teeth whitening is the same for everyone.

Teeth whitening can vary in effectiveness for everyone. Dentists typically do not recommend whitening for children under 16, and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Those with chronically sensitive teeth may wish to skip whitening, as well as those with veneers or crowns – those restorations will not change in shade, and could stand out when you whiten your other teeth.

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