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Benefits of Children’s Dentistry

Benefits of Children’s Dentistry

A huge percentage of adults suffer something knownBenefits of Children's Dentistry as dental anxiety. It is a fear that may keep them from getting even basic cleanings and checkups, and usually results in oral health issues getting much worse than they should before they seek care. Most experts agree that such fears are born during childhood, and it shows the importance and benefits of children’s dentistry. William Schlesinger, DDS in the Upper East Side, NY is also a children’s dentist, skilled in this entirely unique area of dental care.

Take a moment to recall your childhood and consider the differences between spaces you knew to be designed for your (child) self, versus those places meant for adults. The differences between your pediatric physician’s office, for example, and your parent’s medical office were profound. It is interesting that so few dental offices consider such an important issue, and why pediatric dentistry is a sure path to helping your child develop a healthy attitude towards dental care and obtaining optimal oral health from the earliest age possible.

As your dentist in Upper East Side, we can also be your pediatric dentist, offering care to patients even under the age of two. We know that one of the top benefits of children’s dentistry is that it sets the stage for a life of oral hygiene and health. When you bring in even your youngest family members, our team knows exactly how to interact with them to create the most positive setting and experience. Again, this is one of the main benefits of children’s dentistry – a visit to the office puts them among friends. We’ll always be happy to give your kids a tour of the office, show them the gear, and let them learn “hands on” that dentistry is nothing to fear.

We can show you how to brush emerging teeth, take care of toddler’s gums, and work with older kids to get them into the habit of good hygiene.

The benefits of children’s dentistry also mean that we can monitor the progress of your children’s teeth as they emerge, are lost and adult teeth begin to make their way. We’ll be able to create a complete picture of your child’s progress, rather than demanding you find one dentist and move on to another as your child “ages out”.

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