Living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan has a lot of patients coming in wanting cosmetic dentistry procedures. Luckily, at Schlesinger, DDS, we offer a large variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to meet every need of our patients. We can fix almost any cosmetic dental problem as well as restorative or general dentistry. Schlesinger, DDS is a one-stop shop that can meet the needs of any dental patient. Read on to learn about the most popular Upper East Side cosmetic dentistry treatments at our dental office.

Dental Bonding

One of our most popular treatments at Schlesinger, DDS is dental bonding. This treatment is super popular due to its low cost and how versatile it is. Dental bonding can treat lots of different dental problems included cracked, chipped or gapped teeth. It can also be used to cover severe stains, reshape teeth and even cover exposed roots. Dental bonding is made of a composite resin that looks just like your natural teeth so you don’t need to worry that people will notice this treatment in your teeth. Talk to your dentist to find out of dental bonding is right for you.

Snap-On Smile

Another cost-effective and popular treatment at our Upper East Side dentist office is Snap-On Smile. If you are unhappy with your smile but don’t have the funds for porcelain veneers or other dental work you may require, Snap-On Smile is a smart alternative. Snap-On Smile is a simple solution for giving yourself a brand new smile. Your dentist will create your ideal smile with this product made of dental resin which is custom fit to fit your mouth. The smile is then snapped into place over your teeth for an instant fix. They are not permanently fixed in your mouth, so you can remove them to brush your teeth. You can also eat and drink with them, as they work just like real teeth. Snap-On Smile is a great way to test out if you want a more permanent solution like porcelain veneers.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are also a popular Upper East Side cosmetic dentistry procedure as they work like dental crowns or porcelain veneers, but they are a fraction of the price. Inlays and Onlays are restorations made out of porcelain resin that correct decay or chipped teeth. They can improve the health of your teeth as well as your overall appearance. These are a more permanent solution to dental bonding.

Porcelain Veneers

One of our top cosmetic dentistry procedures, porcelain veneers are the best cosmetic treatment available to help you achieve your ideal smile. The procedure involves removing a portion of your enamel and then replacing it with thin porcelain shells to create a new shape and shade to your teeth. Just a few porcelain veneers can completely transform your smile and correct problems like gummy smiles, gapped teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and even severely stained teeth. We also offer Lumineers which don’t require any scraping of your enamel beforehand. Talk with Dr. Schlesinger to find out which veneer option is right for you.

Teeth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening is one of our most common and most popular procedures at Schlesinger, DDS. Patients on the Upper East Side find themselves with stained teeth and poor results from over the counter whitening options. Professional teeth whitening can be done in our office or with a take-home kit to give you results that can’t be achieved with over the counter products alone. You can expect your smile to brighten up to 7 shades and last for up to a year with proper care. We offer several different whitening products to meet your individual needs, whether you need a fast treatment, a comfortable at home treatment or you suffer from tooth sensitivity. We have a whitening product for you!

Smile Makeover

Our last most popular treatment at our Upper East Side dental office is a smile makeover. A smile makeover consists of multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures to achieve a certain smile goal. It begins with a consultation with our cosmetic dentist where you will discuss what you like and dislike about your smile and what you want to change. From there, Dr. Schlesinger will examine you which may consist of x-rays or the use of other dental technology. He will then create a treatment plan of action that will take place to achieve your smile goals. This may be something as simple as just a tooth whitening treatment with one porcelain veneers, or a more complicated treatment that involves implants, bonding, and even braces. This is the perfect way to find out which cosmetic dentistry procedures will benefit you the most and to once and for all achieve your smile goals.

Paying for Your Upper East Side Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

One major concern patients have with cosmetic dentistry treatments is wondering how they will pay for it. We have a number of payment options available to help our patients receive the work they want or need. Of course, if you are unhappy with your smile, make sure you mention to our dentist that you are on a budget and he will recommend the best treatments for your budget to help you achieve your smile. Talk to our staff members about the different payment plan options we have available to patients.

Enjoy Cosmetic Dentistry for Yourself

Want to improve your self-confidence and improve your smile? Stop waiting and give our Upper East Side dentist a call to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation. It’s time to achieve your dreams of a perfect smile and we have just the right procedures to help make that happen. Find out which treatments you will need. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals with the wide variety of treatments we have available. Of course, we are also open to answering any questions you may have about the procedures we offer. Contact us today to find out more.