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Periodontics FAQsperiodontics FAQs

How much do you know about periodontics? If you are like most people, chances are good that you know very little. Therefore, it makes sense to learn more by checking out some of the most common periodontics FAQs so you can get a better idea of what this type of dentistry can do for you and why you should not discount it.

Periodontics FAQ #1 – What Is Periodontics?

This is an area of dentistry in which some people specialize. It aims to treat the gums and the bone that help to support the teeth. It also involves treatment of the jaw. We have dentists in Upper East Side Manhattan at Schlesinger, DDS to help you with problems affecting this area of your mouth.

Periodontics FAQ #2 – What Does a Periodontist Do?

As mentioned, we have dentists who can help. Those who specialize in this field are called periodontists. Those who become periodontists undergo further training, which is required by the American Dental Association, or ADA.

Periodontics FAQ #3 – Signs and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

This disease is unfortunately common, and many people may not even realize they are in the early stages of it. It occurs when plaque has gathered near your gum line and has not been removed properly. It hardens and becomes tartar, which can cause gingivitis. It is only a matter of time before it becomes periodontal disease. Some of the most common signs and symptoms include bleeding gums when you floss or brush, sore gums, swollen gums, spaces forming between teeth, chronic halitosis, and loose teeth. As you can see, the symptoms can be very serious.

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