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periodontics aftercare

Periodontics Aftercare

Periodontics are treatments like scaling and root planing that are designed to correct gum disease. With proper periodontics aftercare, you can get back your oral health and then maintain it with regular care at home and from your dentist. Often, periodontal treatments can be done using lasers, but in extreme cases, sharp instruments may need to be used. Any discomfort, though, should subside in a few days with effective periodontics aftercare.


You may find, following periodontics, that your teeth are sensitive to sweets or changes in temperature. This will usually subside in a few days.


This is something else that can occur for a few days, but it will also pass. As part of your periodontics aftercare regime, simply brush less vigorously than you normally would.

Minimizing Symptoms

If you have had extensive root planing, then you might find it difficult to chew for a few days. Your periodontics aftercare regime should include a soft diet until your gums become stronger. You can also use an OTC medication like acetaminophen or ibuprophen to ease the symptoms – not aspirin, though, as it can encourage bleeding.

Oral Hygiene

Even when you are going through a period of periodontics aftercare, it is important to observe good oral hygiene. So, you may have to brush less vigorously than you usually do. Take your time, and take it slow. In a few days, you should probably be able to resume brushing the way you always have.

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