Walking down the dental care aisle of a pharmacy, department store or regular grocery store exposes you to a flood of OTC teeth whitening products. Strips and trays, gels and pastes, rinses and other options are in abundance, but William Schlesinger, DDS in Upper East Side, NY encourages you to consider whether these products are worth the time and money. Why shouldn’t they be? There are actually many reasons that these teeth whitening options really are a waste of your hard-earned cash, and we’d like to share them with you to prevent any pain, waste and even harm to your teeth and gums.

Understanding Cosmetic Dentistry and Tooth Whitening Options

As your preferred dentist in Upper East Side, NY, Dr. Schlesinger is able to provide you with treatments and techniques approved by the American Dental Association. Having advanced knowledge and skill along with the equipment necessary for offering fully customized treatments is crucial to effective and long lasting cosmetic dentistry. This is true even of something as simple and straightforward as teeth whitening.

When you visit our office, you are in the hands of a cosmetic dentist and tooth whitening specialist who understands any issues that will impact your use of whitening products and procedures. When you rely on OTC teeth whitening, it is merely a one size fits all attempt to brighten the teeth. There are no customized trays molded to your teeth and gums, no ADA approved formulations that will not harm or damage the mouth and no one knowledgeable in how and where to apply the OTC teeth whitening compounds.

In other words, you are on your own and using substandard materials and supplies that could harm gum tissue, nerves and tooth enamel. At the very least, you might spend a large sum and see no whitening. At worst, you could damage your mouth or experience pain and discomfort.

Why risk any negative outcomes when you can enjoy long-term, professional results done in a single office visit?

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