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Benefits of Oral Surgery

Benefits of Oral Surgery benefits of oral surgery

It often surprises our patients to learn the benefits of oral surgery. The term may strike fear in many because it combines dental issues with surgical methods, but modern technologies make oral surgery easy, painless and amazingly beneficial. William Schlesinger, DDS in the Upper East Side, NY is an oral surgeon who offers a long list of helpful and essential oral surgery treatments.

As your dentist in Upper East Side, Dr. Schlesinger might indicate that you need oral surgery such as a tooth extraction (from the “Wisdom teeth” to a tooth that is severely decayed), site preservation (which is done after an extraction and allows the doctor to prevent your remaining teeth from shifting and to facilitate a treatment such as a dental implant), bone grafting (which is done when you are getting implants and do not have enough bone density to support them), and specialized options such as L-PRF and oral pathology surgeries.

Just from that list alone, you can see there are amazing benefits of oral surgery to be gained. Let’s focus in on just one area we touched on above in order to make it far easier to understand the benefits of oral surgery.

Dental implants are a common and successful method for replacing lost teeth. Not only does it fill in the gap above the gum, but adds the stability of the lost root by implanting the post into the jaw and gum tissue. However, if you are having a diseased or damaged tooth removed in order to replace it with an implant, you may need to rely on several oral surgery procedures before the actual implant is done.

The benefits of oral surgery in this case might include the use of a bone graft that builds up the density of the bone, enabling the implant to withstand the years of chewing and compression that all teeth endure. It may demand that site preservation after the extraction to hold the teeth in place until you can undergo the implant.

From testing tissue for disease to preparing you best for dental implants or extractions, there are so many benefits from oral surgery.

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