Many people, when they hear the term “oral surgery” tend to become very afraid. But did you know that a lot of very common dental procedures actually qualify as oral surgery? This is because surgery means anything that involves cutting into tissue. So, in that sense, something as routine as a tooth extraction qualifies as oral surgery.

If you have ever had an extraction done before, you know that it is not a big deal. Your dentist gives you a shot of local anesthetic and then takes out your tooth. Most of the time, you have no complications, and if you do have a bit of pain, it can be eased with over-the-counter pain remedies.

Now, there are also other types of oral surgery. If you are having dental implants installed, for example, you will again need a local anesthetic so that the dentist can surgically place the implants in your jaw. Then, once your jaw heals around the implants, your dentist will give you crowns to replace the teeth you have lost.

Root canal treatment is another type of oral surgery, because it requires your dentist to go down into your gums to clean out the infected root in order to ease your pain. Then, your dentist will place a crown to protect the underlying structure.

So, now that you know what oral surgery means, you know that you have no reason to fear it. It is not overly invasive, you will not have to be put to sleep, and you will have your dental pain and other issues corrected without any pain.

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