Do I Need Emergency Dental Care?

Most of us tend to panic when we sustain a mouth injury of some kind. This is only to be expected, but it is not always easy to know when we should get emergency dental care or wait and see if there is an actual problem. William Schlesinger, DDS offers same day treatments in our Upper East Side, NY office, and encourages patients to always get in touch with any emergency concerns. However, we also understand that some may hesitate, and so we offer these tips to help you decide if you need emergency dental care:

What is the actual problem – If you knocked out a tooth, knocked one loose but not out of its socket or broke off a major portion of a tooth, it is a dental emergency. If you lightly chipped a tooth, and there is no damage to any other part of your mouth, it is still a major issue, but you need not panic.

What should you do – If you lost an adult tooth, it is likely that there is bleeding and pain. If you have the tooth, do not touch it by the roots. Hold it only by the crown, rinse it very gently without scrubbing and then see if you can slide it back into position. If not, submerge it in a glass of milk and get in touch with us. If the tooth has been knocked out of position, but remains in your gum, try to readjust it to normal. If you cannot move it, do not force it. If you can readjust it, slide it gently into place and then close your teeth together enough to hold it in position. Call our office and let us know what has happened and we will offer further instructions.

If there is blood – A tooth that has been hit hard (whether it is in place or not) can bleed quite heavily. Rinsing gently can help, but if you also have lacerations inside of the mouth (on the gums, palette or lining of the cheeks) or on the exterior (on the lips and cheeks), you need to rinse gently, use a cold compress to help slow or stop bleeding and seek emergency dental care. Do not press to slow the blood flow. Instead, use an ice pack to reduce swelling and bleeding.

In almost any instance, a blow to the mouth and damage of any level to the teeth and soft tissue is a dental emergency. We suggest that you always get in touch with us right away, as we are a dentist in Upper East Side, NY with same day treatment. However, don’t ignore the need for emergency dental care. If you cannot get in touch, head to the hospital or emergency clinic.

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