William Schlesinger, DDS in Upper East Side, NY provides our patients with restorative dentistry and implant dentistry. As a dental implants specialist, the doctor is often asked about the lifespan of dental implants, and if they worth the investment. As is so often the case with dentistry of any kind, the answer to such a question is “results vary”.

Understanding Dental Implants

As a preferred dentist in Upper East Side, NY, Dr. Schlesinger will take a customized approach to your dental implants and address unique issues. It is these issues that will affect the overall lifespan of dental implants. For example, patients must consider:

Their suitability for the treatment

People with healthy gums and adequate bone are the best candidates for long-term success. Those fighting gum disease, with inadequate bone, and with poor oral health may hear that the long-term success is not as assured as those with overall better health.

Their lifestyle

Someone who is a non-smoker, who does not have diabetes or autoimmune disorders, and who has good oral hygiene can enjoy a longer lifespan of dental implants than those whose lifestyles include the issues above.

Their oral habits

People who suffer from untreated bruxism (teeth grinding) or who know they often clench their teeth, those who use teeth as tools, or who are nail biters and who do things like chewing ice, pencils and other inedible items put unnecessary wear on their crowns and implants.

There is also the issue of proper oral hygiene after implant treatment. A patient willing to brush and floss as well as get regular checkups and cleanings will enjoy many decades with their implants.

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The lifespan of dental implants is typically decades, and it is the ideal restorative dentistry. If you are eager to learn more, please call our Upper East Side, NY office at 212-517-4660. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.