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Am I a Candidate for General Dentistry?

If you have a full set of teeth, are missing some teeth, or have none of your teeth remaining, you are a candidate for general dentistry. This is because general dentistry is also preventative dentistry, and everyone can benefit from the kind of professional care that helps to address the risks of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. William Schlesinger, DDS in the Upper East Side, NY is a general dentist offering a full array of treatments designed to ensure optimal oral health.

Understanding General Dentistry

As your trusted dentist in the Upper East Side, Dr. Schlesinger focuses on providing patients with the highest level of oral health in addition to offering restorative and cosmetic treatments. Because preventative dentistry is the foundation of oral health, this is where all treatments begin. This makes every patient in our office a candidate for general dentistry.

For example, if you want to have some cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of the smile, we will first ensure you have had an exam, cleaning and any procedures deemed essential to your teeth and gums. Perhaps you need a filling or even a root canal; we would not provide a cosmetic treatment to that tooth without first making it healthy and robust.

After all, it would be wasteful to focus strictly on the appearance of a smile without ensuring that the foundation of that smile was guaranteed. By doing general dentistry treatments, we guarantee you optimal oral health and wellness.

What a Candidate for General Dentistry Receives

The kinds of treatment you will receive as a candidate for general dentistry are very familiar. They include regular exams, oral cancer screenings, and full cleanings. We will provide any treatments meant to resolve signs of gum disease, tooth decay or damage. This means general dentistry may involve a filling or two, periodontics, or more extensive treatment as far ranging as extractions to root canals.

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