Dental implants often require an operation to be successfully installed, and patients across the globe are meeting tons of success with this restorative dentistry treatment. Although it may sound overwhelming, there are many reasons why implant dentistry may be right for you. If you need a permanent fix to your broken mouth, consider dental implants. Our dentists in Upper East Side Manhattan have written down some of the things that you should expect during a dental implants procedure.

Before the Procedure

Prior to having the operation, your restorative dentistry expert will want to make some measurements. You should expect an initial consultation, followed by an X-Ray scan to assess the bone integrity of your jaw. Then, the dentist will take measurements and impressions to create an accurate mold for you – this will ensure the success of your dental implants procedure.

During the Procedure

You may need to have a few teeth extracted before the implants are installed. This is part of the dental implants procedure and some of the initial steps that occur while the operation takes place. The dental implants specialist will then install the implants into your mouth, along with fake teeth on top of them.

After the Operation

Once the procedure is complete, you should expect to have some soreness for a while. You may experience swelling, bleeding, and pain, and there are several things your dentist can prescribe to maintain the pain until it subsides. Before you know it, you’ll have a new set of teeth that will make you feel better than ever!

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