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Pros and Cons of Denturespros and cons of dentures

Restorative dentistry is the area of dentistry that focuses on repairing and restoring damaged or missing teeth, with the ultimate goal of making the mouth as functional as possible. William Schlesinger, DDS in Upper East Side, NY offers comprehensive restorative treatments, including dentures. As a dentures specialist, Dr. Schlesinger encourages patients to consider dentures, but also wants them to consider the pros and cons of dentures before making a final decision.

As a skilled dentist in Upper East Side, NY, he knows that many of our patients have some outdated ideas about dentures, and will automatically assume that any pros and cons of dentures will include far more cons than pros. However, it is the reverse, and more importantly, most of the disadvantages or cons are temporary while the favorable points are permanent. Let’s consider the different pros and cons of dentures to understand fully.

On the disadvantage side of things, dentures:

  • Take time to obtain and be fitted properly
  • Require an adjustment period that some find uncomfortable
  • Demand you learn how to chew and speak with them
  • Require a bit of education where care and cleaning are concerned
  • May need to be replaced every five to ten years

As you see, most of these are temporary and resolved within a week or two of getting the dentures. On the pro side of things, dentures:

  • Are made for your gums and mouth, and will not slip or fall out when fitted properly
  • Allow you to eat, speak and look as you always have
  • Eliminate any desire to hide your smile
  • Support the muscles and soft tissue of the face, preventing premature aging
  • Last a long time before needing replacement

Clearly, there are more permanent pros than cons!

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