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dental implants aftercareDental Implants Aftercare

If you have had dental implant surgery, then you are on your way to enjoying teeth that are, in every way that is important, the same as healthy, natural teeth. You will, however, have to take certain measures to ensure that you recover properly after surgery, so continue reading to learn about dental implants aftercare.

The First 24-72 Hours

Drink only cold liquids for the first 24 hours, and avoid eating until the anesthetic wears off. Avoid strenuous exercise like running or lifting weights for 48 hours. Also, difficult as we know this is going to be, try not to run your tongue over the affected area.

You may notice some swelling, but it should ease after 48-72 hours. Applying ice packs wrapped in a towel can ease the discomfort, but avoid doing it for any longer than 10 minutes, and then take a break of at least 20 minutes.

You should not experience significant pain, and will likely find that it can be treated using OTC medications like ibuprofen. If the pain and swelling increase after 72 hours, though, you need to see your dentist.

Some bleeding is normal, but if it persists, see your dentist.

Continuing Dental Implants Aftercare

If your dentist has prescribed antibiotics for you to take following surgery, make sure to take all of them, as directed.

After 72 hours, you can continue to use the mouthwash your dentist has provided, and can also begin gently brushing the surgical site with a soft toothbrush. As much as you can, keep food away from the affected area, and make sure to rinse thoroughly after eating.

Your dentist will have asked you to refrain from smoking, and we strongly suggest that you follow that advice. This is because smoking can inhibit healing.

Contact William Schlesinger, DDS About Dental Aftercare

Dr. Schlesinger wants you to recover from your surgery as quickly and effectively as possible, so follow any dental implants aftercare instructions he provides. If at any time, you have concerns or questions, call our Upper East Side, NY office at 212-517-5940.