Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

dental crownsNo matter how well you care for your teeth, they can be vulnerable to damage. Trauma to the mouth or even just biting down hard, can result in cracking, chipping or breakage. When that happens, not only is your appearance affected, you could find it difficult to chew. Jagged edges from serious damage could also harm your tongue and the insides of your cheeks. Fortunately, there are solutions for dental problems that could be affecting your quality of life for the worse. One such solution is dental crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a protective restoration for your crowns You could think of it as sort of porcelain helmet that covers the affected area and also protects the tooth from any further damage. With a crown, your tooth is restored to its original strength, stability and appearance. Crowns can be made of materials other than porcelain, but dentists generally prefer to use porcelain because it is strong, translucent and most resembles a natural tooth. Many patients are good candidates for dental crowns if their teeth require restoration.

The Procedure

When you visit Dr. Schlesinger to have a crown installed, first he will numb your tooth and the surrounding area using a local anesthetic. Then, using special dental tools, he will remove any decayed areas and take an impression of the tooth in order to ensure that the crown can be properly fitted. That impression is sent to a lab, where a master ceramicist will create your crown.

Of course you want to be able to chew properly and also look good while you are waiting for your crown, so Dr. Schlesinger will provide you with a temporary crown that will serve the purpose until your permanent crown comes back from the lab. Then, once your crown is delivered, you will come back for a final appointment during which Dr. Schlesinger will do a few final adjustments, check to be sure that the crown is the right color and cement it in place.

The Benefits

dental crownsUnless you want to tell people that you had a crown made, no one needs to know. Crowns look exactly like your natural teeth. Additionally, crowns are impervious to decay. Because they are man-made, they cannot be damaged by plaque and bacteria. You still have to brush and floss of course, because if bad oral hygiene leads to gum disease, your crown could fail. Properly cared for, your crown should last a very long time – fifteen years or more.

Other than poor oral hygiene, the only things that can harm crowns are the same things that can damage your natural teeth – trauma to the mouth, biting down hard or grinding your teeth.

If you have several damaged teeth, you might consider a series of crowns to restore your smile. Because they are bonded to your own teeth, you will never have to worry about them slipping or sliding and bone loss is also not a concern the way it can be with dentures or bridgework.

The Final Word

Clearly, crowns have several advantages. Not only do they restore function, they give you your smile back. So if you have been reluctant to smile for fear that people will see your teeth, crowns can go a long way to restoring your self-confidence. Make sure you follow aftercare instructions for your dental crown for long term results.

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  • I was always in total panic when going to the dentist but then I met Dr. Schlesinger. He is direct yet patient. He is so amazing skilled at what he does. I know I can trust him to take good care of me and my family.
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