Cosmetic dentistry is a large field in the dental world that can provide plenty of restorative, preventative, and aesthetically pleasing procedures to the mouth and teeth. Patients from across the globe are interested in dental bonding, which is a great way to fix up small issues at a low cost. Our dental bonding specialist in Upper East Side has compiled a list of the most common dental bonding FAQs for you to check out. See what our dentists say!

Is Dental Bonding a Painful Procedure?

No, dental bonding is not painful at all! There is no numbing agent involved in the procedure. The dental bonding treatment works completely on the outside of the tooth and does not use any sharp objects or lasers to achieve the desired effects.

What is Dental Bonding Best For?

Dental bonding is typically used to fix chipped teeth, repair broken teeth, mend gaps between teeth, and make other minor changes to help achieve a straighter and brighter smile. This is one of the most popular dental bonding FAQs, as it helps patients determine whether the procedure is right for them.

What does the Dental Bonding Material Look Like?

Dental bonding uses composite fillings, which are shaped and colored to fit the exact specifications of your tooth. You won’t have to worry about the bonding sticking out or looking strange inside your mouth – after they are fixed to your teeth, you won’t be able to tell that they are even there!

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