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Which Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Is Right for Me?cosmetic dentistry treatment

Are you displeased with your smile? If so, then you might be considering getting a cosmetic dentistry treatment. It is a good option for those who have issues with the aesthetics of their smile. Of course, with so many different options available, you need to take some time to learn more about the different procedures so you can find a cosmetic dentistry treatment that is right for you. Our Upper East Side Manhattan dentists can help you as well.

Tooth Whitening

For many people, the only real problem with their smile is that it is not as bright as it once was. Therefore, considering a tooth whitening option might be the only thing you need. It is a relatively fast and simple method of getting a better smile. Your dentists can provide in the office treatments, as well as take home treatments for you to use.


For those who have gaps in their teeth or who have chipped teeth, working with veneers could be a good option. These veneers are placed right over your current teeth. They can help to improve the overall look of your mouth. This could be a good solution for those who have a mouth that is healthy overall and who have only one or two of these cosmetic issues with which they are contending.

Bridges and Implants

Those who are missing teeth will find cosmetic dentistry treatments that work well for them as well. You could choose bridges if you are missing several teeth and have teeth that can be used as “anchors” for the bridge. Another option, and one that many people today are considering, is to have implants. These replace your real teeth with semi-permanent fake teeth that can last for decades.

Transform Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

To learn more about the cosmetic dentistry treatments and to learn more about what is right for you, talk with our cosmetic dentistry specialists at William Schlesinger, DDS. We are ready to help. Call 212-517-4660 or visit our contact page.