Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Chipped Teeth

Do you have a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth? This may have happened for a variety of different reasons, and it’s important to understand how easy it is to fix it. Our cosmetic dentistry experts in Upper East Side, New York can teach you about the different ways that we typically fix chipped teeth. From dental bonding and porcelain veneers to dental crowns and onlays, our cosmetic dentistry department can do it all.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are some of the most common ways to fix chipped teeth. The cosmetic dentist will use a custom-made porcelain shell to place on the front of the tooth, which will not only cover the chipped and cracked areas but will also improve your smile and give a straightened appearance for better aesthetics.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is easily the cheapest cosmetic dentistry procedure you can invest in to fix chipped teeth. The dentist simply uses a tool to shape and color some composite filling material, which will be placed on the cracked area of your tooth.

Dental Crowns

If you don’t want just to cover the cracked area, and you instead want to reinforce and protect the entire tooth, you can invest in dental crowns. Our dentists in Upper East Side can cover the visible areas of your tooth with a custom-made crown, which is then fused to your mouth for a long-lasting repair.

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