William Schlesinger, DDS in Upper East Side, NY encourages all patients to consider the many different ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve your health. While the name cosmetic dentistry is a bit deceiving, making it sound like a cosmetic dentistry specialist works only to give you a good looking smile, the realities are far different.

As a trusted dentist in Upper East Side, NY, Dr. Schlesinger works as a cosmetic dentist, too. Providing patients with a fully customized treatment plan based entirely on their unique needs, he always begins with a look at their overall health. This means that no patient will get a strictly cosmetic treatment without first having optimal health in their teeth and gums. Clearly, this is exactly how cosmetic dentistry can improve your health – it begins with general and restorative work that brings you to the highest level of health possible.

Naturally, there are other ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve your health. For one thing, by beginning with oral health, it means any signs of gum disease will be addressed. This is not a short-term issue and if it seems you are plagued by this relatively common concern, your cosmetic treatment means that your chances of permanently fighting off gum disease are dramatically increased. Eliminating periodontal issues boosts health, too. Direct links between heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions have been found, and getting your gums healthy as part of cosmetic treatment shows how it can improve health.

Cosmetic treatments also usually mean stronger teeth. While your treatment may involve bite correction, it will also address chipped or cracked teeth. Treatments like crowns, veneers and bonding improve the look of a tooth, but also shore it up and make it stronger over the long term.

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