Children’s Dentistry Overview

Have you considered that there are some substantial benefits to the use of children’s dentistry services? While good oral hygiene begins very early in life, even with our first set of “baby teeth,” the benefits that come from the use of skilled pediatric dentistry extend well beyond that. It is why William Schlesinger, DDS, a dentist in Upper East Side, NY encourages parents to consider the use of our family dentistry options.

What sort of benefits can be gained from the use of an Upper East Side, NY children’s dentistry provider? Consider what the experts point out:

  • By the age of nine months most babies have several teeth. This is a good time to take your child for their first visit too, as it allows the dentist to show you how to clean teeth and gums properly and ensures that there are no painful cavities or unusual development that might indicate other health issues.
  • Getting children used to the dentist is great for them – Visiting an office with children’s dentistry means that you can help your child to avoid any instances of dental anxiety later in life. Consider that a children’s dentistry practice is designed to be welcoming to kids, that there are likely to be other kids around, and that it allows the child to see a visit to the dentist as ordinary and commonplace. They won’t ever fear something that happens often and without any fear. Also, our pediatric dentistry practice is staffed by people familiar with children, their needs and how best to alleviate their fears.
  • Starting with brushing early in life encourages toddlers to actively seek to handle it on their own – If you want to make good oral hygiene an actual habit, getting kids used to you doing it is a wonderful cue to encouraging their independent practice later. By the age of two to three, your child may be actively brushing their teeth properly and effectively throughout the day.
  • It highlights any problems well in advance – A regular visit to the family dentistry practice enables our dentist to find any signs of trouble, including teeth that are coming in out of alignment or any issues that might point to other health problems.

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There are so many benefits to the use of children’s dentistry and it is why we encourage our patients to bring children in as early as possible. If you have additional questions about the benefits of pediatric dentistry, give us a call at our Upper East Side, NY office at 212-517-4660. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.