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benefits of periodontics
Benefits of Periodontics
June 20, 2016

Benefits of Periodontics Can you explain periodontics? Don’t worry, not a lot of people can give a quick and accurate definition….

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Periodontics Overview
May 2, 2016

How many Americans around the age of 45 do you suppose have periodontal disease right now? 10{8bebb06202f253eab64bd62bebb9dca42636bc84080db12b2a7d30388aeb0ec7}? 20{8bebb06202f253eab64bd62bebb9dca42636bc84080db12b2a7d30388aeb0ec7}? 40{8bebb06202f253eab64bd62bebb9dca42636bc84080db12b2a7d30388aeb0ec7}? If you…

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