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children's dentistry should be taken seriously
Why Children’s Dentistry Should Be Taken Seriously
July 29, 2018

When it comes to going to the dentist, it is critical to do in the early stages of life. This means…

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child's dental exam before school starts
Schedule Your Child’s Dental Exam Before School Starts
August 21, 2017

The summer is here, and it’s a great time to schedule your child’s next dental exam before school starts up again….

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protect my child's teeth during sports
Why Should I Protect My Child’s Teeth During Sports?
April 24, 2017

Parents always strive to protect their children from harm or injury, yet when a child is playing sports it can be…

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children's dentistry
Children’s Dentistry Overview
July 4, 2016

Children’s Dentistry Overview Have you considered that there are some substantial benefits to the use of children’s dentistry services? While good…

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