The summer is about to begin and that means you will probably find yourself taking a vacation or two, attending several weddings, graduations, barbecues and other events. Your camera is probably going to get a lot of use, and you’ll want to feel and look your best in the many images taken. This is why William Schlesinger, DDS in the Upper East Side, NY encourages you to brighten your smile with a bit of teeth whitening.

As your trusted dentist in the Upper East Side, Dr. Schlesinger can provide in office or take home tooth whitening solutions that are far more effective, safe and long lasting than any OTC (over the counter option). They will give you that boost of confidence that will allow you to smile freely in every single photo, and even when there is no camera around!

As one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening is a safe, painless and fast treatment. When done in our office, it is going to lighten your teeth by several shades or more, and just in one visit. Because our cosmetic dentist begins any treatment with a look at your oral health, it means a visit to our tooth whitening specialist also gets your summer started with a healthy smile. That’s a great reason to brighten your smile, too.

As part of a whitening treatment, we are going to review with you some of the habits that might have led you to seek ways to brighten your smile. We’ll look at your diet, considering if there is a bit too much sugar, starch or acid. We will also look at lifestyle habits such as smoking or drinking a lot of staining fluids like wine or coffee and tea.

Knowing what might have caused your discoloration or teeth staining is helpful as it enables you to avoid such issues and keep your smile much brighter over the long term. We can also discuss toothpastes, rinses and techniques that ensure your smile remains whiter longer.

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