Benefits of Periodontics

Can you explain periodontics? Don’t worry, not a lot of people can give a quick and accurate definition. Essentially, it is an area of dentistry that focuses on the health of the teeth and gums, and it is a vital part of overall health and wellness. After all, many of us already know that one of the key benefits of periodontics is that it ensures we can keep our adult teeth throughout out lives and also enjoy optimal gum health. With so many strong correlations between gum disease and other bodily diseases, many people visit our Upper East Side, NY office to discuss the benefits of periodontics with William Schlesinger, DDS.

Because a healthy mouth is the key to overall health, we will help our patients overcome the risks of periodontal disease and offer intense gum treatment as needed. This is the heart of periodontics, and when patients rely on their dentist in Upper East Side, NY for this care, they enjoy the most important benefits.

These include:

Disease prevention – Because periodontics looks at the deepest cleaning of the teeth and gums, it is able to halt or even prevent gum disease in its tracks. Whether you have only the early signs of gum disease or full blown periodontal disease, we have an array of treatments that can get infection under control and get your teeth and gums back on track and restored to health.

Cleaning – We mentioned the deep cleaning, and that is definitely among the benefits of periodontics. We use special techniques and tools to clean the teeth and even get beneath the gum tissue to clean the roots, remove pockets of infection or build up and really cleanse the most challenging areas.

Restoration – Naturally, the most significant of the benefits of periodontics is that they restore your health and functionality. We may not realize how bad it is to avoid dental care, but when you begin to chew differently, avoid the use of certain teeth, and live with pain or chronic infection, we alter the condition of our mouth. We might begin wearing down our teeth unnaturally, breaking or chipping teeth, and bringing on a long list of conditions that comes from such changes. Periodontal treatments restore our mouths to healthy and full function.

There are many reasons to get periodontic treatments, but the key benefits of periodontics should prove incentive enough. Though regular cleanings and checkups can help us avoid such issues, there are many times when problems sneak by us, and this is when it is important to act.

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