The loss of your adult teeth causes a long list of problems. While most of us automatically consider the cosmetic problems caused by missing teeth, it is also a situation in which our overall health can be harmed. Fortunately, Dr. William Schlesinger, DDS has many restorative dentistry solutions at our Upper East Side, NY office.

What sort of health issues can be caused by the loss of adult teeth? Did you know that your jawbone, teeth and gum tissue work together to provide function and health? When the roots of a tooth are gone, it causes the bone and gum to atrophy and recede. This changes the shape of the face and makes us look prematurely older.

These changes also make you speak differently and greatly limit the things you can include in your diet. The loss of self-esteem that comes from having lost your teeth is also an issue of concern and that is why Dr. Schlesinger offers dentures as part of our comprehensive restorative dentistry.

Restorative dentistry is meant to restore the function of the teeth and gums and that includes their functions in chewing and speaking. Dentures are a wonderful tool in restoring the full function of the upper or lower jaws. Additionally, you can have full dentures made when all of the teeth of the upper or lower jaw are gone, but you can also have us make some partial dentures as well.

Dentures are made of long lasting plastics that are crafted to look exactly like natural teeth. The full dentures will be formed as plates that fit snugly over the gum and can then be worn while eating, talking and throughout your daily life. The partials use the same natural looking materials, but are built on a framework that allows them to be supported by the natural teeth that remain in the upper or lower jaw.

All dentures are removable, and this makes them easy to care for as you can take them out for sleeping, and allow them to soak or cleanse overnight.

Are you a good candidate for dentures? That depends upon your dental goals and the current health of your teeth and gums. You will want to book a consultation with Dr. Schlesinger and have him perform a full assessment. You may find that you are a candidate for other restorative dentistry options like implants and bridges. Of course, you may prefer the speed at which full dentures or partial dentures can be made and used as a solution.

If you would like to discuss dentures or restorative dentistry, give us a call at 212-517-4660. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.