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Parents always strive to protect their children from harm or injury, yet when a child is playing sports it can be nearly impossible to ensure they aren’t injured in some way. It is not unusual for breaks and sprains, scrapes and bruises to occur, but most parents also get in touch William Schlesinger, DDS in Upper East Side, NY to ask “how can I protect my child’s teeth?” as well.

The Importance of Children’s Dentistry

Of course, many parents might feel the opposite and say “why protect my child’s teeth?” because they encourage their kids to be good athletes and avoid contact that could lead to damage. However, as a trusted dentist in Upper East Side, NY, Dr. Schlesinger has seen many children who have suffered unexpected contact with hockey pucks and sticks, stray baseballs, powerfully hit volleyballs, and even fellow players’ elbows or heads. These have cost the child a tooth or done damage easily avoided.

Is it that big an issue? Should you ask our team “how can I protect my child’s teeth?” instead of “should I protect my child’s teeth?” Sadly, data leans towards the “how” because it is estimated that more than three million teeth are lost during sports injuries each year!

Fortunately, there are simple answers from a children’s dentist! Dr. Schlesinger and our team can provide your child with an array of mouth guards designed for different ages and sports. Custom made to your child using simple, painless methods, it is soft and safe to wear throughout any sort of sporting event.

Though there is an adjustment period, three million teeth don’t lie, and it is better to encourage your child to wear the mouth guard when not playing sports to allow them to get used to it. Then, when they do hit the field or court, they will be much more comfortable wearing this protection that will prevent broken teeth, bitten tongues and perhaps even worse.

Contact Our Upper East Side, NY Office to Discuss Children’s Dentistry and Mouth Guards

If you have been stressed, wondering “how can I protect my child’s teeth when they play a contact sport?” you can stop stressing. Just give us a call at our Upper East Side, NY office at 212-517-4660. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.