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Do you floss once each day? If so, then you have already answered the question posed above. After all, dental professionals like William Schlesinger, DDS in Upper East Side, NY say that patients must floss at least once per day to encourage better oral health. However, if you floss more often than that, you only increase overall oral health. It is then that the big question becomes “just when should I floss?”

As your trusted dentist in Upper East Side, offering general dentistry and preventative dentistry measures, Dr. Schlesinger has the following tips for optimal dental hygiene and oral health:

Twice daily

If you are twice daily brusher, then it is obvious that you should become a twice daily flosser, too. The tip is to floss before you brush to loosen any tough to reach bacteria. This enables the toothbrush and toothpaste to do a better job of attacking and wiping away bacteria that can lead to decay and bad breath.

After eating

Perhaps you are also someone who flosses after eating. This is fantastic and even farther reduces risks of bacteria and decay. Just as with those who floss when brushing, floss after you eat and before you brush. If you are simply flossing, it might be a wise idea to carry an oral rinse that can help to carry away debris and bacteria.

Learn from pros

As important as it is to floss, even more important is to be sure you are doing it effectively. During your next cleaning and exam, be sure you take the time to find out if you are flossing and brushing properly, and if any new tools or techniques can improve your results.

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